Orthotics is a specialist profession which designs and fits external braces/supports to provide correction or prevention of a deformity, in order to reduce pain, improve mobility and prevent injury.

At the White Rooms we provide a comprehensive, adult and paediatric orthotic service whatever the user’s activity level.

Our treatments include a wide range of orthoses from insoles to spinal devices;

  • Custom made Foot Orthotics to stabilise and correct foot posture, and to treat common complains including, Forefoot Pain (Metatarsalgia), Arch Strain (Plantar Fasciitis), Policeman’s Heel (Heel Spur), Ankle Pain (Tibialis Dysfunction, Lateral Impingement Syndrome), Shin Pain (Compartmental Syndrome, Shin Splints), Knee Pain (Chondramalcia Patella, Patella Tibial Syndrome), paediatric and adult Pes Planus (flat or collapsed arches).
  • Bespoke footwear to accommodate arthritic foot deformities and specialised diabetic shoes, along with children's orthotic support footwear for conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, Club Foot (CTEV), Down's Syndrome and Hypermobility. We have access to many suppliers giving choice in style and cosmesis.
  • Upper limb orthoses for complaints including tennis elbow, golfers elbow, carpel tunnel syndrome, etc.
  • Bespoke and off the shelf spinal braces to protect and support the neck, back and spine. Devices range from spinal and abdominal corsets for hernia control and LBP, to high performance supports for physical activity, or immobilisation following injury.
  • Hip braces and protectors are available following major surgery or congenital compromise.
  • Knee braces. Ligament, osteoarthritis, and post-operative braces for injury prevention and to help patients return to the activities they enjoy.
  • Ankle braces to provide control, compression and stability for ankle injuries / pathologies.



Our clinicians are highly qualified with expertise in both paediatric and adult orthotics. Jose Perez, Senior Orthotist has experience in the NHS and private clinics, specialising in foot and ankle biomechanics and gait analysis.

Jose Perez also has experience in the sporting world, providing Orthotic consultancy to Everton FC from 2003-2009, Liverpool FC from 2006 – 2008, and Manchester City FC during the season 2007-08, as well as working with semi-professional athletes and professional rugby players.

We also have Senior Orthotist Katie Connery, who has experience in adult and paediatric orthotics, at all anatomical levels, in both sporting and rehabilitative settings.


Meet the team

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