Sports Medicine

Millions of people throughout the world perform physical exercise and play sport. These people have specific medical needs. As such a branch of medicine known as sport medicine evolved to cater for these people. At The White Rooms our experience of sport injuries is second to none having successfully treated and improved the performance of vast numbers of elite athletes across a broad spectrum of sports. The same detailed multidisciplinary approach used with our elite athletes is equally as successful with the keen amateur and the recreational exerciser. Contact reception for further details.


Pre and Post Operative Rehabilitation
At the White Rooms we can prepare your body to ensure you are in the best possible condition for your elective surgery. We call this Prehabilitation. Whether you are having knee surgery, abdominal surgery/hernia or spinal we can help. Prehabilitation can make a dramatic difference as you can safely practice your rehabilitation exercises pain free prior to the discomfort post surgery where often there are wounds and swelling to consider. The exercises also help prevent muscle wasting therefore giving you a head start on your recovery. We can even advise on aspects such as pre operative diet, ie manuka honey to reduce the chance of infection or an increase in protein to aid in your muscle recovery.

Please contact reception to request a call back from one of our Rehabilitation experts to see how we can help you.

Post Operative Rehabilitation
All surgery requires post operative rehabilitation for best results! Whenever a limb is immobilised or an incision made, soft tissue restrictions occur and muscle inhibition takes place. This leads to a restriction in normal range of movement and a weakness in the muscles causing pain and dysfunction. If not addressed this can lead to chronic problems and a less than satisfactory result from the surgery.  At the White Rooms our Physiotherapists are experts in post operative care and will help you optimise your surgical outcome.

Hi-end Rehabilitation
Hi-end rehabilitation is aimed at maximising physical condition after the initial phase injury has been treated with physiotherapy. This is a progressive programme individually designed, aimed at both athletes and non athletes alike. The programme will be constructed around the patients past history, current injury situation, future goals and ambitions. We have found that our unique approach to both physiotherapy and high end rehabilitation utilising the latest concepts and equipment in our state of the art facility yields an exceptional outcome.

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